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A golf course has a wide variety of retail operations. AIM is the end-to-end solution you need to manage it all and is simple enough for both your full-time and seasonal staff to use. Plus, with Active-e, you can provide your customers options to make online payments, schedule tee-times and lessons online, integrate with e-commerce, and so much more!

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“I am excited about this Tee-Sheet because the direct integration with Point-Of-Sale and because the golf course no longer will have to trade away their tee times to use the software,”
~ Warren Bailey, golf instructor and sales representative from American Metro (A reseller of Tri-Tech’s software).


Golf POS Software from a company with over 30 years of experience developing retail software. AIM is a golf club software designed for golf pro shops and contains everything a golf course or club would need to effectively manage their business. Seamlessly process sales for range usage, inventory purchase, green fees/cart rentals and food sales in one transaction.

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  • Track membership levels - Manage customer loyalty programs, season pass holders. Set annual or monthly autopay plans for membership fees. Ability to set minimum purchase amounts.
  • Complete Point of Sale for Golf Courses and Ranges - POS integrated with accounting, inventory management, customer management, and report catalog.
  • Class Scheduling & Billing - Manage instructor schedules, group classes and payments, plus offer the flexibility and ease of on-line scheduling.
  • Tee Sheet – Tee scheduling software. Easily manage the 24/7 online booking while collecting customer information (Active-e Required for online functionality). Integrate with Pro-Shop Tee Sheet for real time connectivity. Receive confirmation booking emails. Set number of players, intervals and pace of play.
  • Station Management - Manage station usage for simulators. Track and manage station reservation for range bays.
  • Track Pro Shop Inventory - Golf inventory management software. AIM tracks all inventory types: serialized, accessories, print inventory, parts and supplies, package deals and kits.
  • Food and Beverage Sales - Run tabs/tips/splitting of bill pay, table layout/seat layout, banquet scheduling, multiple payment tenders/open charge sales for members.
  • Email Marketing and Notifications - Tailor your ad and email campaigns based on customer history and sales records. Establish customer loyalty programs.

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AIM stands apart from other solutions by streamlining multiple transaction methods into one customer-friendly experience.

Inventory Management

Contains powerful automated inventory optimization features designed to help reduce inventory cost and increase cash flow and inventory turns.

Customer Management

Maintains a complete history of customers and allows for customized marketing, customer loyalty programs, accounts receivable tracking, and more.

Barcode Labeling

Print customized barcode labels and inventory hang tags for easy accessibility when updating inventory, viewing inventory and at point of sale.

Report Catalog

The report catalog offers a wealth of reports that can be generated quickly and easily, with a variety of filters and format types for output.

Employee Management

Record hours worked by employees and track vacations, sick days and personal leaves of absence. Establish employee user groups and set security permissions accordingly.

What our clients are saying

About AIM POS for Golf Courses & Golf Pro Shops

John Hatcher

John Hatcher

Oneka Ridge Golf Course

"I would like to take the time to say what a great product the AIM software has been for us here at Oneka Ridge GC. The product is everything they say it is and more. The software is everything you need and couldn't be easier to work with. I could not be happier with the product!"

Jeremy Hawkins

Jeremy Hawkins

The Meadows Golf

"Tri-Tech's software really offered a complete solution for us, from online tee scheduling to tracking our inventory in the pro-shop and food/liquor sales in the bar. Tri-Tech also supplied us with the hardware for our touchscreen workstations. Ringing up a sale is quick and easy. And, we know that if we have any troubles Tri-Tech can be reached quickly to help us out."

At Tri-Tech, we strive to stay on top of developments in both technology and the retail industry to create the best possible products for our customers.

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