Tee-Sheet: Tee Time Reservation Software

Tee-Sheet is designed to help you stay on top of your tee-time reservations. You can customize the look and feel of Tee-Sheet by using your own descriptions for the courses that can be reserved and by specifying the default time increments for reservation timeslots.

Tee-Sheet screenshot

Tee-Sheet Features

  • Schedule tee-time reservations, check in customers, and take payments from the tee-sheet window.
  • Move, change and delete reservations easily.
  • Set your own increments and pace of play.
  • Touchscreen compatible.
  • Start players off the front or back to maximize usage.
  • Set a minimum and maximum number of people for each timeslot and course.
  • Issue rainchecks.
  • Block time for events, leagues or course maintenance.
  • Can't remember if you handed out the golf cart key? Tag the player in AIM as you hand them the key.
  • Manage multiple courses with Tee-Sheet tool.
  • Allow golfers to schedule their own tee-times online through our Active-e Integration Services.
  • Set special web rates to fill open time slots.
screenshot of adding a customer to tee-sheet

Booking Online Tee-Times

Active-e can take AIM tee scheduling software online.

Active-e integration services logo

Active-e is a set of integration services that extends the power of AIM to the outside world.

AIM has all you need to run your business: track pro shop inventory, selling product, collecting payments, booking tee times, lesson scheduling & billing. Active-e is what extends those same functions to websites, mobile applications and 3rd party developers.

Some of the services Active-e integration provides.

  • Publish inventory from AIM to your E-Commerce Site.
  • Import Sales Information into AIM.
  • Accept payments for open accounts, contracts & online tee-time booking.
  • View account history (invoices, rental contracts, special orders and more).
  • Book a tee-time and reserve a cart.
  • Add & update credit card information.
  • Scheduling lessons, both classes & private.
  • Handles phone & SMS messages to your customers ie. reminder that your tee time is scheduled for 8:00 am on Friday.
  • Push notifications to mobile.
  • Credit Checks.
  • Storing credit card tokens from your processing partner.
  • Connect with eBay & Amazon.


Using Active-e now gives you the ability to build your own solutions - but why would you when our partner Vortx has the development already done? Our partners at Vortx have built a shopping cart called AIMstorefront. It's a secure, bootstrap responsive shopping cart that is deeply integrated with AIM. Complete inventory integration with AIM ensures your inventory is up-to-date at all times, regardless of where a sale takes place. It can connect with AIM to provide your customers with secure online access to their account. Customers can book a tee time online with AIMStorefront, make payments, update a credit card and review their account history. Security, accessibility and functionality are all maintained and updated behind the scenes by Vortx. Online & integration options are ever evolving and so are the features of both AIMstorefront and AIM.

screenshot of an AIMStorefront ecommerce website on desktop and mobile

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